It's comes as no surprise that we love cruises! Cruising is our favorite way to see the world as it offers so much variety into one single vacation. The fact that you only have to unpack just once, and visit numerous ports of call is pure bliss. Not only that, the dining options nowadays are absolutely outstanding. There is truly something for everyone and most meals are included in your cruise fare. However, for those looking to indulge their senses in a specialty dining or fine dining experience, these options are also available and most will come with a premium price that can cost anywhere from $5 - $75+ per person depending on the ship and the restaurant. These are just our favorite parts of enjoying life at sea. In addition to that, the lounges, spas, shops and entertainment are quite vast, with numerous activities throughout the day to keep even the most adventurous person busy on those relaxing days at sea. Cruise lines also offer many various land excursions for those that may be unfamiliar with the area and wish to take a guided tour. These range from scenic tours, to walking tours, to outdoor adventures, and even several tasting events. The options are literally endless and we suggest you review the excursions upon booking to secure a spot in everything that interests you. Traveling with children? Select ships offer a kids' program that enables adults to travel with their children in confidence, knowing they are well taken care of and having the time of their lives!

As we journey through our cruises section, we will be offering many featured ships from various different cruise lines in hopes that we can get you excited for your next adventure on board one of these glorious vessels. Each week we will be featuring a ship outlining the most beneficial features and showcasing what each particular ship has to offer. As you hover over the cruises tab, you will see which cruise lines we have included in our line-up. There are quite a few, so please be patient as we begin to venture into this immense world of cruise ships. If you find a cruise line that is of interest to you, but don't see any ships or see that features ships are coming soon, feel free to contact us and submit a request for a ship that you would like to see featured. We will be happy to honor your requests and would love to have our site filled with interaction. We are glad you are on this journey with us and look forward to assisting you in creating your perfect cruise vacation. Bon Voyage!

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